Our Team

Lisa Bousfield (FRCSA)
Director / On-Hire Casual Consultant
Curriculum to Career – Director

Lisa Bousfield was made a fellow in 2011 with the RCSA ( Recruitment Consultant Services Australia ) the body that governs the recruitment industry in Australia for her commitment to ongoing training and self improvement along with her voluntary work within the community. Lisa has nearly 21 years local recruitment experience & has a long standing, high profile reputation for attracting top quality candidates for your positions.  Originally from a Sales & Marketing background, Lisa has worked in all areas of the business however, is now currently filling your On-Hire Casual positions with efficiency, dedication and speed.

What I love most about working for Peninsula Personnel
The People, all the people, from the ones I work with in the office daily who make everyday a pleasure to come to work, to the Clients I am able to help by finding them fabulous temps they can rely on and request back or, by finding them amazing perm staff who end up staying with them for years. Then of course there are the people who are actively looking for work who come to us seeking advice and help.  The best bit of all is I get to help these people and play a small part in their future happiness.

Favourite Book
Angry Housewives eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvick, a funny book about deep & lifelong friendships
April Fools Day by Bryce Courtney, tragically moving and honest
Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi, enlightening, affecting and brave
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, unforgettable, powerful

Favourite Movie
This too is a hard one, I read a lot more than I see movies but if I had to narrow it down

The Snapper – for a fabulously funny movie
The Sum of Us – I love all Australian movies
The Notebook – for its wonderful romance
The Usual Suspects – because you wondered what you missed the first time.

Biggest moment in life
As one gets older there are so many moments in life that make us who we are today. Experiencing the loss of someone close or something dear to us, to marriage, the birth and then growth of our children. The starting up of a business, sickness, building a house to learning from ones mistakes and these are maybe some of our biggest moments or turning points. So for me maybe one of my biggest moments in life was losing everything at the age of 16, a very selfish age to realise that infact I had lost nothing at all. What is most dear to us is life, family and friends, everything else is replaceable or not important at all.


Leigh Mack (MBIA) (MRCSA)
Finance/Assistant Manager

Leigh started with Peninsula Personnel in May 2003 as a Temporary Consultant, throughout the years she has worked in all areas of the business drawing on her account management & recruitment experience. In 2010 she completed her studies in accounting and is in charge of the Finance Department. Recently undergoing further training in graphics, Leigh also handles our website management whilst providing all round support in Marketing, Recruitment, Office Management & is Acting Manager in Lisa’s absence.

What I love about working for Peninsula Personnel
I love that our agency is localised on the Northern Beaches and has a great sense of community.  Our temps and clients continually support us year after year with many of them becoming friends, both professionally and personally.

Favourite Movies
Pulp Fiction
Good Will Hunting
ittle Miss Sunshine

Favourite Book
The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe is the first novel I remember reading and gave me my love of fantasy stories.

Biggest moment in my life
Experiencing life & death have been the most vivid and biggest moments of my life. The tragic death of my mother when I was a child, and the joy of becoming a mother when my son was born.


MK3_8505Lorraine Islaub (APRCSA)
Consultant / Reception

Lorraine joined the team in October 2011 and works three days per week on a part-time basis.  With a background in training, Lorraine will be providing support to the entire team and will generally be the first person you will liaise with at Peninsula Personnel.

What I love most about working for Peninsula Personnel
I love working at PP as everyone works as a team and we all work well together. Even though we are a small team we work in a professional environment where customer service for our clients and our candidates is of the upmost importance.

Favourite Books
I have many but ‘We need to Talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver is my favourite as it’s a great thriller.

Favourite Movies
I love scary, horror movies so I would have to say the movie ‘Seven’.  It had great actors, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Morgan Freeman.  It was uneasy to watch and very scary.

Biggest moment in life
I have a few big moments, my wedding day, arrival of my 2 daughters, seeing Coldplay in concert and receiving a silver medal in my Australian uniform for world championship dragon boat racing.


wendy with folder resized 100pixWendy Stearn (MRCSA)

Wendy Stearn is a seasoned recruitment specialist having over 10 years recruiting experience internally and externally spanning across various industries.  Originally trained as a secretary Wendy also has a professional background in sales and training.

What I love about working for Peninsula Personnel
Wendy approached PP as she strongly felt that this company was unique in the Recruitment World.  There is a strong sense of team support and staff welfare, which makes an efficient business both for staff, clients and candidates.  Most of all Wendy was impressed with the service that clients and candidates would receive from a reliable efficient team who are loyal and passionate about what they do.
Favourite Book
The Twilight Series, easy and quick to read with two young kids!
The Da Vinci Code, fascinating
Pillars Of The Earth, biggest book I ever read……

Favourite Movie
Easy – I love movies and going to the cinema
Snatch – so funny
Cars 2 – watch it every day with my 4 year old
Valentines Day – so girly and romantic
The Pursuit of Happiness – a good reminder to be grateful

Biggest moment in life
Undoubtedly having my first child and feeling that connection that only a mother and child can feel, and then rediscovering it all over again with my second.  Motherhood has given me a sense of compassion and understanding for others and the need to be the best person I can be and enjoy every minute of it all.

Daisy Taylor
Team Administrator


Even though I haven’t been working in the office for that long I love the positive and friendly atmosphere of the office and how passionate everyone is in the roles they do. This comes across in their customer service to candidates and clients in the best way as I can see the strong relationships that have been built.

Favourite Book

Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries – classic crime novels
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon – Helps us build a new perception on the struggles that people go through
Scar tissue by Anthony Kiedis – I love reading autobiographies

Favourite Movie
50 First Dates – A comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore set out in Oáhu, Hawaii
Blue Crush – Has always been my favourite since I was 8 years old
The Intouchables – A French movie drama that is based on a true story

Biggest moment in life

The best moments in life are always spending time with my family and close friends. One of the best milestones is graduating high school and being able to travel and grow as a person by changing my perspective of the world and myself in a positive way.

Andrena Grayling (MRCSA)

Andrena Grayling started her recruitment career in the early 90’s in London, since then she has worked in a number of different roles from agency to internal recruitment covering various industries including insurance, finance, real estate and government.

What I love most about working for Peninsula Personnel

I approached Lisa years ago about working for PP but there was never an opportunity as it’s such a great place to work, no one leaves! Finally I got my chance this year after temping for Lisa in a few different roles, business at PP was absolutely booming and they needed an extra pair of hands. PP is a fantastic place to work, led by Lisa and her passion for recruitment, with boundless energy and enthusiasm, all the staff are motivated and fun, sharing one common goal – to deliver the best service to both clients and candidates.

Favourite Book

The Book Thief – a beautiful book about love and friendship
Dangerous Liaisons – classic
Wuthering Heights – another classic

Favourite Movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – funny and sad all in one
America Beauty – Classic
Reqium of a Dream – Dark

Biggest moment in life

There are 2 and one could not happen without the other – marrying my amazing beautiful husband and the birth of our child Max, no other words needed.