Lorraine Islaub (APRCSA)


Lorraine joined the team in October 2011 and works three days per week on a part-time basis. With a background in training, Lorraine will be providing support to the entire team and will generally be the first person you will liaise with at Peninsula Personnel.

What I love most about working for Peninsula Personnel

I love working at PP as everyone works as a team and we all work well together. Even though we are a small team we work in a professional environment where customer service for our clients and our candidates is of the upmost importance.

Favourite Books

I have many but ‘We need to Talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver is my favourite as it’s a great thriller.

Favourite Movies

I love scary, horror movies so I would have to say the movie ‘Seven’. It had great actors, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow and Morgan Freeman. It was uneasy to watch and very scary.

Biggest moment in life

I have a few big moments, my wedding day, arrival of my 2 daughters, seeing Coldplay in concert and receiving a silver medal in my Australian uniform for world championship dragon boat racing.