We're your professional recruitment partner

When listing a job vacancy with Peninsula Personnel Recruitment Services, you benefit from over 40 years' combined experience in placing Permanent, Permanent Part-Time and On-Hire Casual (Temporary) staff.

You and your company also benefit from the consistency of liaising with one consultant who develops a thorough knowledge of your business and its recruitment needs to deliver an attentive and tailored service.

In addition to high quality service, our consultants regularly attend industry seminars, workshops and webinars to keep abreast of industry news to provide up-to-date recruitment advice on role responsibilities, remuneration, WH&S, cyber insurance, retention strategies, performance management, award changes, current market salaries and trends as well as the latest Industrial Relations Reforms.

As a Peninsula Personnel client, you're free to get back to business while our consultants source and assess candidates. In addition to free-of-charge advertising, we perform thorough skills tests and reference checks and interview potential candidates while ensuring your anonymity, before presenting a shortlist and arranging a mutually convenient interview time. If preferred, interviews can be held at our offices. Following a candidate's placement, our consultants conduct a free-of-charge performance check.

Permanent Placement Fees


Advertising is included in the placement fees. However, if you request changes after posting or fill the position yourself or through another agency after PP has been involved, a service fee of $800 plus GST will be charged.


Testing and reference checking is standard practice and is carried out whenever it is practical to do so. Although we cannot ensure suitability, every effort will be made to place the best possible person in the position listed, however we cannot be accountable for any loss, expense, damage or delay however they occurred.

  • Permanent full-time & part-time: Flat fee $7500 + GST 
  • If a replacement is not required and the person leaves or is let go within the guarantee period and the fee hasn't been paid an admin fee of $2500 + GST will still be charged
  • Non-For-Profit Organisations $6750 + GST
    Government Procurement: Approved Contractor - see Vendor Panel for rates.

Minimum Placement Fee is $2500 + GST


For a replacement guarantee to be valid the following conditions apply:

  • The unconditional guarantee period of 12 weeks is dependent upon full payment being made within 14 days from the date of the invoice.
  • Peninsula Personnel will only replace once for each appointment and it will be based on the original job specification & working conditions.
  • There will be no replacement if the original position has been made redundant or there is a restructure.
  • If a replacement is not required or we are unable to provide a suitable replacement, you will receive a credit note which can be used for future On-Hire Casual’s or Permanent placements.
  • Exclusivity means; Peninsula Personnel will be the only organisation working on this role for you (this means you can't conduct your own searches either)

Any candidate presented to a Client, either in a Permanent or On-Hire Casual capacity, is strictly confidential and should not be submitted to any third party without the prior consent from Peninsula Personnel or without the Candidates’ express permission, as per the Privacy Act 1998. Should an introduced candidate be passed to any unrelated third party and results in an engagement in any capacity arising from that action by the Client, that Client will be liable for payment of the standard placement fee. If our candidate is employed by you within 6 months of our introduction, our scheduled fee will be charged.

On-Hire Casual Employee (Temp)

The employment conditions have changed from the old Clerical and Administrative Employees in Temporary Employment Services (State) Award to the applicable Industry Award or Enterprise Agreement which your company works with. If the applicable Award you work under does not cover Clerical On-Hire Casual Employees then we will pay under the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010, included in the Terms of Business is a breakdown of the levels/classifications of the above mentioned Award. This is a guide only as your Industry Award may differ.


Your office needs to operate at peak efficiency at all times. You can rely on our On-Hire Casual Division to provide competent people with a wide variety of skills & experience. During sickness, holiday periods and where delays may occur between outgoing and incoming employees.

  • City/Lower North Shore Locations, rates are increased by $1.50 per hour.
  • On-Hire Casual’s are covered by an unconditional three (3) hour guarantee.
  • Reduced rates can be negotiated for specialised positions, volume and long term assignments.
  • Payment is due seven (7) days from invoice. All rates incur a GST levy.

Our all inclusive hourly rate covers not only wages paid to our On-Hire Casual Employees, but also includes; workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance, payroll tax, superannuation, holiday & personal pay loadings, administrative costs & PAYG / payment summaries & all statutory on costs.

  • Our minimum booking period is three (3) hours.
  • Overtime is payable as per stated in the applicable award which is usually after 38 hours worked per week or 10 hours in any one day.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the performance of any On-Hire Casual Employee assigned to you, there will be no charge provided you notify us within the first three (3) hours and the On-Hire Casual will be speedily replaced. Even if you ring us “ON THE DAY” for an On-Hire Casual we will endeavor to get someone to your door within 1.5 hours of a phone through to us.


All our On-Hire Casual’s are carefully screened, skills tested and reference checking is carried out by us whenever we deem it to be necessary and practical to do so.


Should you engage a current On-hire Casual or an introduced On-hire Casual whoseassignment terminated in the last six (6) months, a full permanent placement fee is applicable. Should you engage a current On-Hire Casual or an introduced On-hire Casual whose assignment terminated in the last 12 months reduced fees are available for an On-hire Casual turning permanent depending on the length of assignment. Minimum placement fee is $2500 + GST.


Should you engage an introduced On-hire Casual Employee whose assignment terminated in the last twelve (12) months in any permanent, part-time or temporary/contract/consultancy capacity for a limited or unlimited period, a placement fee will apply.


You (our Client) acknowledge that we (Peninsula Personnel) are not performing the services set out in the assignment description (as given to Peninsula Personnel by you our Client); But are instead the suppliers of our workers, at your request, to perform the work that you have described in the assignment description. Because our workers work under your control, supervision and direction:

(i)   Subject to sub-paragraph (ii) of this sub-clause, we will not be liable to you for, and you will hold us harmless against any liability for, damage, loss or injury of whatsoever nature or kind, however caused whether directly or indirectly and whether by our negligence or that of one of our workers (including their servants or agents) whilst they are working under your control, supervision or direction.

(ii)   Sub-paragraph (i) of this sub-clause does not reduce our liability, directly incurred, to the extent to which it may have contributed to any such damage, loss or injury.

(iii)   We will ask you for the correct “WIC” classification for the available role.

Note: Work Cover Industry Classifications (WIC)

On-Hire Casual Grades and Classifications

Clerks - Private Sector Award 2010 - Price on Application

Clerk - Filing - Mail - Photocopying - Binding - Scanning - Collating - Reception - Switchboard Trainee in Call Centre - Basic admin in Accounts (recording - matching - checking - data entry)

Reception (computerized) - Switchboard (computerized) - WP basic correspondence - Business documents - Copy typing - Dicta typing - Stenographer - Accounts - Payroll Clerk - Spreadsheet Graphics - Secretary - Sales Support - Data Entry in Call Centre - Customer Service (Basic)

Customer Service Supervisor - Call Centre Supervisor - Specialist/Telemarketer - Accounts Assistant (payable & receivable) - Payroll Assistant (processing) - Database Management Research Specialist - Terminology (Medical / Legal) - Executive Secretary - Personal Assistant - Multi-user

Executive Assistant - Secretary (High Level) - Human Resources Consultant - Payroll Officer Supervisor (OHS – Super - Workers Comp) Assistant Accountant - Bookkeeper - Call Centre Customer Contact Team Leader or Supervisor

Accountant (less than 3 yrs exp) - Assistant Accountant - Advanced WP / or Desktop Publisher Human Resources Manager - Trainer - Payroll Manager - IT Manager - Top Level Customer Service Manager