Living and working on the Northern Beaches is what we're all about!

Living and working on the Northern Beaches is what we're all about at Peninsula Personnel. We pride ourselves on being able to find fabulous permanent and part-time permanent positions for local people with local businesses and organisations. Just one of the many benefits of working close to home is less time spent commuting, which means you have more time to spend with family and friends, catch some waves at the beach and soak up the last of the day's sunshine, workout at the gym or go shopping.

Permanent Positions

Permanent positions suit people who are available to work full-time hours, for example Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. We provide Permanent positions for many different roles and industries, ranging from junior office roles through to senior appointments such as Chief Financial Officer.

Permanent Part-time Positions

Permanent Part-time positions suit people who prefer to work three full days per week or five days a week during school hours. Permanent part-time positions, however, are not the easiest roles to find on the Northern Beaches because many people are looking for the wonderful work-life balance these roles offer. The good news is that when you are registered with us, we can immediately contact you when a suitable position becomes available, as we rarely need to advertise. And when seeking a Permanent position, it's important to have up-to-date WP skills and a resume and cover letter ready to go.

Generally speaking, the Northern Beaches has below-average salaries compared with the Sydney metropolitan area, although it's important to consider the many other financial and lifestyle benefits of working locally which can include a shorter daily commute and lower transport costs, free onsite parking, flexibility (such as extended lunch breaks or a late start to watch your child receive an award or run in a race), complimentary lunches and regular social events that many Northern Beaches-based companies offer. You will more than likely find that it all evens out, or that the difference is marginal.

What to expect at your Permanent position interview with Peninsula Personnel

  • Allow at least an hour for your Permanent position interview (allow a little extra time if you are also planning to register for On-Hire Casual)
  • Dress as you would for a job interview (a clean and ironed corporate-style outfit)
  • We will go through your resume, discuss your current and previous career experiences and your preferred roles, industries and work environments and explain any skills tests we would like you to take
  • You will have the opportunity to ask us questions, perhaps about salaries and inteview techniques
  • In addition to your resume, please bring your bank and superannuation details, your Tax File Number, qualifications and certificates, work visa, and licences such as Driver's and Forklift licences